mardi 1 décembre 2015

Un horrible symbole de notre abjecte société, des chatons ...

They are toys for Christmas (made in China) which represent cute kitten ... made with real fur from real cats !! killed and skinned alive. A strong symbol of our hypocritical society ... who pretends and claims loving animals ... and destroys those who are alive for manufacturing  (toys for children) exactly the same they have tortured and sacrificed for them (and for money). .  toy that innocent children (whose parents sometimes have refused a real kitten  because of the unpleasant obligation to take care of it}, will not consider as it is :  a simple object....  but as a real pet alive.. that they will love as if it was real => schizophrenic society which educates children to become schizophrenic too (so they will be adapted), an education for mental illness ... the virtual being considered real (normal), while the real (animals) is considered unreal, without existence .... and anyone who sees the reality (the kittens slaughtered) is mad. A society that is dying and whose real purpose is the death (and profit) hidden by an hypocrite behavior completely opposite. A crazy society in the true sense of the word.

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